Check out the comments from teachers already using Polar GoFit

"The Polar GoFit web service has been a great help to the Methuen School District in collecting physical activity data. The Polar Active activity monitors and transfering the data to the web service couldn't be any easier. Also the reports for teachers and students have brought the data truly to life and helped students to improve."

- Anthony Curet, Methuen High School Teacher

"Polar GoFit is the coolest thing in the gym! I have taught Physical Education for 27 years and used Polar heart rate monitors for over 20 years and this is the very best. The 6th grade class put the sensor on very quickly and everything worked perfectly the very first time. They were so excited to see what their heart rate was and the motivation level was really high.

At the end of class students could see what they had accomplished and the badges based on number of minutes were a big hit too. I didn’t have to do anything but log onto the app and we were up and running. This is absolutely amazing!"

- Jean Drennan, Oxford Middle School Teacher

"Having used Polar Heart Rate Monitors at my school for the past ten years has brought many benefits to the Physical Education Program at Desert View Elementary School. The monitors are the corner stone of my physical education program. My students understand how to exercise using a heart rate monitor and are aware of the advantages of their use, truly giving them a lifetime skill for assessing their fitness levels for the rest of their lives.

My administrators have come to appreciate the dilemma of assessing students in a PE class as some students would have been graded with an “F” for effort if left to the principals observation and not the data provided by the monitors. If reading and math had a tool that could differentiate and assess how well the student were doing in those subjects, school boards would be all over them. It’s time to spread the word that PE has THE cutting edge technology for assessment!"

- Vick Bonavito, Desert View Elementary School Teacher

"Alvord USD has chosen the Polar Activity Monitor as the tool to use for the required PEP grant measurements. We are so pleased that we have chosen this device because of the ease, reliability and valuable feedback. According to the grant guidelines, a sampling of students are selected each assessment window to wear the monitor for 7 days.

Our students are so excited to be "chosen" in the sample group to wear these watches. Students are highly motivated to increase their activity when they have these watches on. They love the constant feedback and enjoy watching the little man move as they do. They also value the written feedback that we can provide for them individually as well as by class.

Our biggest fear was that students would not return these watches, damage or lose them during this 7 day assessment window. We have found that we have had an extremely low rate of loss compared to other districts that we have spoken to using other devices and have had only one damaged device out of the entire district. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision to go with the Polar Activity Monitor!"

- Patti Suppe, Alvord Unified School District Teacher

"At Hononegah High School, we strongly believe that it is the job of the teachers to communicate to students how their bodies work in relation to physical activity and the value of regular exercise on a daily basis. Polar Heart Rate Monitors make it possible for our department to do both by providing individual student data, allowing the teachers to personalize student exercise programs and the students to identify and implement their own fitness needs."

- Dan Phelps, Hononegah High School Teacher